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Mike Magee is a Los Angeles Art College of Design educated film producer, director, cameraman, and editor. Following his formal training, Mike worked for several years in Hollywood. In 1991 he founded Michael Magee Productions GmbH near Zurich. In addition to documentaries and family portrait films, Mike also produces image films, tv spots and other commercial movies.

“By virtue of our experience in advertising, all our films are produced with the utmost possible quality. Critical to this process is cultivating an empathic response to the subject that makes him or her comfortable during the shoot and able to forget the camera’s presence. It is in this way that an interview comes to possess natural conversational rhythm, nuance and wit.


How a film is edited is of paramount importance, too. Selecting the correct scenes and passages, finding the perfect music requires sensitivity, skill and insight. Our massive international video archive is a great asset in this undertaking.


We will gladly travel the world with you, if that is what’s required.


A family film is an exciting project, a journey for the entire family, and one that strengthens the affection and commitment of each to the other, as well as being fun for everyone!”


Michael Magee

Bettina Stemmler


Production Manager




Bettina Stemmler studied psychology, history and philosophy at the University of Zurich where she specialized in the relationship between humans and dogs. She also completed several dog training seminars ( She works with Mike in post production and administration for this website as well.

Rafael Gschwend




Special Effects

Helmut W. Rodenhausen



Ghost Writer


Hemlut W. Rodenhausen worked for decades in advertising before creating his own agency where he specialized in corporate advertising. Since 2002 he has worked as an independent book coach and ghost writer.

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