A timeless document for the most important thing in life—the family!

A family film reveals a time window of the past and present, showing unique events that will never be repeated again.


Future generations will value a professional film that celebrates your life, your children, their grandparents, your pets

and hobbies, and significant family events and traditions.

Now is the time to make this happen!

We offer:

  • full movies 3 to 60 minute portraits of the entire family
  • portrait of a single family member, including everyday activities, interviews with friends and family members
  • interviews of individuals (grandfather, child, parent, etc.), illustrated with photos
  • hobbies & Crafts (painting, traveling, vintage cars, sailing, plane, home and garden, leisure in nature)
  • pets
  • travels
  • events (such as parties, anniversary or wedding
  • digitize old movies from your library

We will research, conceptualize, and digitize your old movies and photos, and shoot and cut the film. We'll handle everything from a to z. We offer a wide range of productions and pricing, and approach all our projects with sensitivity and discretion. Please contact us to make an appointment or arrange a visit at no cost to you. Myriad styles and ideas are possible! We are film enthusiasts and look forward to working with you!